Feldenkrais y Tango

When I got to know Argentine Tango my first reaction was: "That's the perfect fit to Feldenkrais on the dance floor!" Not only did I enjoy improvisation, clear communication by movement and contact, and the shared joy of moving in the music, but it also deepened my understanding of the Feldenkrais-Method. But also the opposite is possible: The Feldenkrais-Method has many useful things to offer for tangueras and tangueros, to support the joy of dancing.

Examples of what you might gain from Feldenkrais lessons in regard to Tango:

  • Improve your axis, balance & stability
  • Easier and more fluid movements
  • Better grounding - better leading
  • Discover alternatives to habitual movement patterns (improvisation!)
  • More sensitive contact with your partner
  • Reduce back and neck pain
  • Improved coordination of movement
  • More calmness - also in faster music
  • Calmer, clearer walking

Basic approach of the Feldenkrais-Method

The Feldenkrais Method is about learning to move in a comfortable way, so neither pain nor lack of ability affects your connection to the partner and the music. Both pain and lack of ability are most often a result of habits we are not aware of -- and therefore we have no say in them.

The Feldenkrais Method helps you to dicover your movement habits in a playful, comfortable and systematic way, and develop alternatives that might ultimately turn out to be much more efficient, comfortable and elegant.

From the first moment the Feldenkrais Method emphasises your personal sensory perception, and helps to utilize it to give you the final say in what you do and how you do it.

Become a master in your own rights not only in dancing, but in acting in the world - that's what the Feldenkrais Method is about.

Group sessions & individual lessons

The tango camp includes a daily class in Feldenkrais group technique, where we focus on topics of interest to the group. In off-workshop times Dirk offers also individual lessons: you can even easier focus on sensing while he is gently touching and moving you, according to your individual topic of interest.

About Dirk Steinkamp

Being originally trained as a computer scientist my curiosity led me to studies in music, an actor's training, and ultimately to become an expert in movement learning as a Feldenkrais practitioner (professional training in Hamm, Germany, 2000-2004). Being involved in musics and movement the discovery of Argentine Tango was something that sooner or later had to happen - and it hit me right into the heart!

Besides being a Feldenkrais practitioner I am working in adult education, have translated books in the fields of Feldenkrais & IT, and am a consultant in computer science. I've been a member of the board of directors of the German Feldenkrais Association from 2006-2009. As often as possible I'm enthusiastically dancing Argentine Tango and thrilled about the connection of Feldenkrais and Tango!