Mladinski dom Smolnik

Smolnik 38

SI - 2342 Ruše

(close to Maribor, Slovenia)

Dom Smolnik is a large house secluded in the middle of virgin forrest in the regional park and is surrounded by a large garden with fruit trees, a pond with trouts and an outdoor fireplace. The 120m2 dancefloor is wooden and square-shaped. The house has another common room of about 30m2 and about 40 sleeping places in mainly double and triple bedrooms. There are more sleeping places available as sleeping bag spots and there is a possibility to set up our own tents. There is a dining room that hosts about 40 people, as well as a terrace just in front. There are enough lavatories for all of us, however, we should not expect anything more than a basic comfort.


If somebody would prefer a more comfortable accommodation, there is a hotel in Ruše (which takes about 20min to reach by car).


Address: Mariborska cesta 31, 2342 Ruše

(booking also possible via


Arriving by car:

»Smolnik, Ruse« can be located by Google Maps. It lies near Slovenia's second-largest city of Maribor.

If coming from Maribor, drive through Ruše till the end of the village. On your right, you will pass Hotel Veter, which is the only hotel in the village. As you reach the end of the village, you pass under the railway bridge and reach a roundabout (that is probably still under construction). There you should take a strong (almost 180 degree) turn to your left. A smaller road starts, a mountain stream on your left, slowly ascending. It will eventually turn into a gravel road (macadam). Follow straight for about 10km. You will pass a few sporadic farm houses on the way. At any tricky junctions we will signpost the way with tango signs.

Possible mistake: In the middle of Ruše there is a side street where Pohorje is sign-posted. Do NOT take that one.

In case of doubt ask at the hotel in Ruše or give us a call (+386 41 810 640). Have a good journey!

Opis poti

Naslov: Mladinski dom Smolnik, Smolnik 38, 2342 Ruše

Če prihajate z mariborske strani, se peljite skozi Ruše do konca kraja. Na desni boste videli Hotel Veter, ki je edini hotel v Rušah. Peljite se naprej in skozi podvoz. Dosegli boste krošišče (kjer so verjetno še vedno dela na cesti). Tam je potrebno zaviti ostro levo (skoraj za 180 stopinj). Tam se začne ošja cesta, potok je na vaši levi, počasi se vzpenja. Čez nekaj časa se spremeni v makadamsko pot. Sledite naravnost priblišno 10 km. Ob poti bo nekaj posameznih kmetij. Na nekaj krišiščih, kjer bi lahko bili v dvomih, bodo postavljeni "tango" smerokazi.

Mošna tešava pri iskanju odcepa: Sredi Ruš je odcep na levo, kjer je tabla za Pohorje. NE sledite tej tabli, temveč se peljite naprej do konca vasi.

V primeru dvomov se lahko pozanimate v hotelu v Rušah, kateri odcep vodi do Mladinskega doma na Smolniku, lahko pa me tudi pokličete na 041 810 640. Srečno pot!

Public transport:


Ljubljana, Graz, Zagreb, Rijeka, Klagenfurt, Wien

We would recommend to first check the flights to either Ljubljana or Graz airport. Both are well connected by shuttle and bus service to the main train station in the respective two cities. From there on see the railway connections described below.


There is a train station in Ruse, connected to Maribor by 6 trains per day. Maribor lies on the rail line Graz - Ljubljana. There are 7 daily trains from Graz to Maribor and almost one train per hour connecting Maribor and Ljubljana. There are 6 trains per day connecting Vienna and Maribor, 7 trains per day connecting Zagreb and Ljubljana, 3 trains per day connecting Rijeka and Ljubljana.

Shuttle service from/to Ruse on Monday, 10.8. and Sunday, 16.8. : if you let us know in advance that you will be arriving by train, we can arrange a pick-up for you.

Another option is renting a car for the week in Slovenia.

Some useful links: (for flights to LJ) (Ljubljana Airport) (Graz Airport) (for train connections) (train Austria) (train Slovenia) (for general information about Slovenia, including travel information)