DJ Arnoud de Graaff

I started dancing tango in 1991 and immediately fell in love with tango music. From my earliest dancing days, I have been collecting tango music. As my collection grew bigger and bigger, my urge to do more with the music also grew. In 2002 I started DJ-ing in El Corte.

Both as a dancer and as a DJ, I am a child of El Corte. In DJ-ing I adapted the El Corte style of DJ-ing; which is that from time to time traditional dance music from the thirties, forties and fifties is mixed with special (non tango and alternative tango) music to break the habits of the dancers. So don't be surprised when I play something that is not tango at all, but is tango danceable after all :).

I aim at a wavelike flow of energy in a milonga, building up tension and energy, releasing it with something special and then starting to work up to the next climax. I do not play cortinas (pause musics that seperate the blocks of tangos, valses, milongas, etc.), because I am convinced that in Europa dancers prefer a continuous flow from beginning till end of the milonga. And besides that, cabaceando (asking a dance partner via the "game of the eyes") doesn't work in Europa.

So, let's build a party and dance to our heart's content. Hope to see you there!

Photo by George Dzieciaszek (Stockholm),